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About Furry Pet Memories

furry pet memoriesWe at Furry Pet Memories strive to be fun in our approach and creative in our editing style. We whole heartedly believe each pet  has a unique personality that warms our hearts and touches our souls.  Our goal is to capture this and create a unique video to showcase your pet.  We offer a variety of packages which include music to preserve the special times in their lives and they impact they have made on us.

Growing up in California, we always had pets.  Cats, dogs, horses, hermit crabs, you name it.  We had them! They were so much a part of my childhood. My deep love and compassion for all living creatures comes from the unconditional love each animal gave to me.  Recently, we lost our dog of 18 years.  As I reflect on all the unforgettable memories “Laredo” had given us, there is no amount of money in the world I would trade in for our DOG.  Furry Pet Memories was developed out of a life long love for animals and capturing them through photography.  They have touched my heart and life in ways words will never explain.     

Why choose Furry Pet Memories?  For starters, we specialize ONLY in Pet videos.  We do not do weddings, graduations, corporate events, or parties.  By specializing in only one area, you can be confident that we get it right.  Our pricing is all-inclusive. We will not "nickel-and-dime" you. We showcase your pet they way they should be, just like one of the family. 

Having memories of your pets are like having memories of your family and friends.  Why let pictures sit in a shoebox or closed up in a photo album in the top of your closet. Create a video memory that you can easily share with everyone.

What We Do

Furry Pet Memories delivers pure magic in capturing and preserving the unique personality and the unforgettable memories your loving pet has stamped on your heart.

Whether your beloved pet has passed on or you want to capture the current moments such as celebrating your companion growing up, a special year, holiday, or chronology of their lives; Furry Pet Memories can assist you in turning your photo and video memories into a DVD that you can share with your family and friends.

Furry Pet Memories was created by pet lovers for pet lovers. We understand the strong bond and lifelong connection you have with your pet. We know the unconditional love they give us and how they are truly part of your family. This is why we at Furry Pet Memories ensure the highest quality, professionalism, and artistic passion by capturing the fun and exciting times in your pets lives on beautiful videos.

Need a gift idea? Furry Pet Memories will enthusiastically provide gift certificates or assist you in creating a surprising and unforgettable DVD gift of their pet.

Whether you have a Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Turtle, Fish, Lizard, Horse, Pig, Spider……….. Well you get the point! We are here to make wonderful memories on DVD for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Furry Pet Memories...................Where Pets Live Forever