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How to Order

Please place your order before completing the steps below.  That way, you will have an order # to reference when sending us your materials.

Ordering is easier than you may think!! 

  • Gather up to 30 of your favorite photos of you and/or your pet.
  • Scan/save your photos to a blank CD or prepare your hard copy pictures for shipping.
  • Select your favorite song or songs to go with your pictures.  Click here for some suggestions.
  • Fill out the online order form by clicking here.
  • Mail/email your materials to us.

See below for detailed instructions.


Select up to 30 pictures to be included in the DVD (but no less than 20).  If you wish to submit more than 30 pictures, please click here to request a custom quote. 

Hints for selecting your photos:

  • Choose photos that evoke emotion or make you laugh.
  • Choose action shots.
  • Choose close-ups rather than far away shots.

You have 2 options for submitting your photos:

  • Hard copy photos via mail to be scanned by us
  • Digital photos submitted on a CD or via EMAIL

If you are sending hard copy photos via mail to be scanned by us:

  • Select your photos for submission.  Photos should not be in frames or larger than 8x10.
  • Place a number on the back of each photo in the order you would like it to appear.   (A numbered sticky note on the BACK of each picture works best for this or write the number with a pencil in a top corner).  Do not put the sticky notes on the front of your photos.  The glue will damage your pictures.  If photos are not numbered, they will be placed in the order in which we received them.
  • Place your photos into a Zip-lock bag.
  • To protect your photos, we recommend that you ship them in designated photo mailers, which can be purchased at all office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples, FedEx Office, etc.) or your local post office.  We also suggest you obtain a tracking number for your package.
  • Mail to:  Furry Pet Memories  269 S. Beverly Dr. Suite 802, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
  • Your photos will be returned to you when your DVD is shipped.

If you are scanning your own photos or sending us your digital photos on CD
or via EMAIL:

  • To Scan & Mail (best option):  clean the scanner glass thoroughly prior to first use and periodically as you scan your photos.  If this is not done, any dust particles or fingerprints will appear on your photos.  Be careful to handle your photos carefully, as fingerprints on the photos may appear on the scanned image as well.
  • Scan each photo and save it in .JPG format. Each picture should be no larger than 1.5MB in size. Save each picture with a 3-digit number indicating the order that you would like it to appear in the video (ie: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc.).
  • Send us a CD-R of your images to:  Furry Pet Memories  269 S. Beverly Dr. Suite 802, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 .
  • To Email:  If you prefer, email them to  Photos should be numbered in the proper order in the manner explained in option 2 above. Individual photo files should be no larger than 500KB for uploading. Please put your name and order # in the email Subject line of the email for quick reference.  Each email message should be no larger than 5MB.  If necessary, separate your photos into more than one email but be sure to put your name and order # in the email Subject line of each message.  You may want to consider using WinZip to compress your files before you email them to us. This will enable you to attach more photos to each email.
  • Important: Scan your photos at a resolution as high as possible (we recommend at least 300dpi or higher). Photos scanned at a lower resolution may appear blurry on your computer screen. Before sending your scanned photo files, carefully examine each one. If the photos are distorted (if they do not look exactly like the original photo), rescan them at a higher resolution.  Feel free to contact us for assistance with scanning.

    DO NOT:
  • Do not scan photos that are cut into shapes or physically altered in any way (hearts, stars, etc.)
  • Try not to crop or alter horizontal photos vertically. This will leave black bars on either side of the photo as you view your DVD on your TV.


  • The music you choose will set the mood of your video album. Try and use music that will inspire laughter and tears.
  • Think of songs that are inspirational and meaningful to you when you think of your companion. Do you know song lyrics that fit especially well?
  • To help you along with your music choices, we have put together a list of the most popular song choices. Click here to view our suggestions (of course, you can submit your own song requests!)

Sending your music selections to us:

  • The cost of each of the DVD videos include up to 2 songs of your choice.  Songs should not exceed a total of 4 minutes (combined).  Don't be worried if your songs aren't exactly 4 minutes.  We can work with what you give us.  During the check-out process, please note the title and artist of the songs you chose in the "Special Instructions" section.
  • If you would like additional songs for your video, we will purchase and download them for you.  Cost for this service is $1.25 per song.